West Genesee schools shell out for Sandy relief

— West Genesee students are doing their part to help aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

District-wide, students are organizing relief kits consisting of twelve hygienic items; the project will constitute West Genesee’s largest Sandy relief effort.

What they’re collecting

The items being donated per student, by grade, are as follows:

Kindergarten: 6 Band-Aids (in a sandwich bag)

1st Grade: 1 washcloth

2nd Grade: 1 nail clipper

3rd Grade: 1 small container of hand sanitizer

4th Grade: 1 bar of soap

5th Grade: 2 one-gallon plastic Ziploc bags

6th Grade: 2 “D” batteries

7th Grade: 1 bottle of conditioner

8th Grade: 1 hand towel

9th Grade: 1 stick deodorant

10th Grade: 1 tube of toothpaste

11th Grade: 1 toothbrush

12th Grade: 1 bottle of shampoo

“Each grade level is bringing in a different item that we are all going to package together and send down to the New Jersey/New York City area around the 20th of November. It’s a very interesting project,” West Genesee Superintendent Chris Brown said. “We wanted students to have an opportunity to see what it’s like to put forth effort to help somebody else, where if we just asked for money, probably Mom or Dad writes a check and the child brings it in, and they wouldn’t have a chance to be as connected to this. I think it teaches them a better lesson. “

Todd Freeman, principal of West Genesee’s Split Rock Elementary School, is working on relief efforts with some of the school district’s youngest children. He wants them to understand that as young as they are, they can still help to make a difference. This starts with the packaging of the kits.

“We are going to have kids do it,” he said. “From our end, it’s important for our kids to have some kind of role in packaging that. We are going to set up an assembly line, put the supplies on tables, and have the kids takes their gallon bag and run down the line and fill it. We want kids to have some ownership of this. It will be organized and we will have great parental support. “

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