Medical marijuana soothes the pains of Multiple Sclerosis

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If it was legalized for people with M.S. or any other disease that causes such pain and nausea it would be such a miracle drug for us all. It is not addictive like vicodin and morphine, does not cause unbelievable pain when trying to stop using it and does not involved a chain of experimentation by big money drug companies to compound its characteristics for approval with the cost passed on to all our consumers that need them.

It’s a natural substance, can be grown and harvested without much cost and could possibly help monetarily in our states high cost of taxation and debt. I am not pushing the use of illegal drugs, I am not willingly an addict, but I am a person, riddled with pain on a daily basis that could have a much more pain free and productive existence.

I was a vice president at an advertising agency in Manhattan for years, raised three wonderful children in East Hampton on Long Island, have paid my taxes and my dues, and have been an upstanding citizen following the rules almost all of my life.

I am a volunteer driver for the elderly and infirmed when my M.S. isn’t at its worst, and I try to give back as much as I can.

I am just a 57-year-old woman trying to get through a day of pain with whatever will work for me.

Marijuana does work for me and if it was legalized I would be more able to live a day without intense pain and maybe give back a bit more. I vote to legalize medical marijuana for all of us just hanging in there.

If anyone else feels the same way please contact our state senator with your feelings on this matter.

Valentina Heishman is a Cazenovia resident and artist. She can be reached at vdkcm5@hotmail.com.

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