Phase One of Swan Pond renovations is underway

From the Mayor

As a part of our NYS Parks Grant award of $100,000, Phase One's scope of work for the Swan Pond infrastructure renovation includes making the West Path ADA compliant, cleaning/rehabbing the fountain, upgrading the electrical services, replacing the paving bricks in the Pond Lookout (where the feeders are located), relocating the existing ornamental fence closer to the water at the north end to create more green gathering space (near Bella Cigna), resetting retaining walls and dewatering/dredging/cleaning the Pond.

The tasks of Phase One will be shared by our contractor Procon and our Village DPW crew.

In the last several weeks, our Village DPW crew has done a great job of making the West Path (which runs the entire length of the Swan Pond) ADA compliant. The limestone retaining wall was removed in some places, modified in others while incorporating bench alcoves. A five-foot wide stone dust path now makes the entire perimeter of the Swan Pond accessible to all.

In anticipation of Phase One work, our Village DPW crew has also moved Fay and Manny as well as their four cygnets, LaVerne, Dazzle, Holly and Bella to Centre Pond (just behind the Swan Pond). Precautions have been made to secure the shore and water areas they now inhabit from potential predators.

The swans will be returned to the their namesake pond once work is complete.

This has all been done under the recommendation and watchful eye of our "Swan Guru" Michael Bean, noted biologist.

Our Village DPW crew has also "netted" another well-known Swan Pond inhabitant, the Rainbow Trout. They are being safely held at our Fish Hatchery and will be re-released into the Swan Pond at the end of the project.

The ducks on the Pond are migratory and have begun their trip South for the winter!

The Swan Pond has been dewatered allowing Procon to begin the dredging of the bottom of the Pond, upgrading the electrical service and repairing/rehabbing the fountain.

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