LETTERS: Fox commends Maywright, Hubbard for vital questions

To the editor:

The excellent letters discussing “Cazenovia Lake sewers: A rush to judgment” (Oct. 24, 2012 Cazenovia Republican) by Jerry Maywright and Peter Hubbard contain important, helpful suggestions for dealing with the problem of plant growth in Cazenovia lake.

Maywright and Hubbard provide useful guidance for arriving at answers to essential questions about whether to create new sewer districts or to improve enforcement of regulations currently in place.

As Maywright and Hubbard point out, Cazenovia residents need to know more about any “hot spots” causing current lake problems before residents agree to pay between $3.3 and $4.5 million to build the first part of a new sewer system.

Are there some non-functioning septic systems around the lake? If so, why and where are they, and why have the owners of those septic systems not corrected their problems?

Once the required hot spot information and supportable cost estimates are available, Cazenovia residents can make reasoned judgments as to the appropriate solution to any lake problems. If new sewer districts (separate from the Cazenovia district) are created for residents, farms and inns around the lake, their sewer taxes will be paid to the new sewer district rather than to the Cazenovia Sewer District. The Cazenovia residents who remain in the existing Cazenovia district will then see their taxes increase to make up for the smaller number of taxable properties.

It would certainly be unfortunate if home owners invested $3.3 to $4.5 million dollars (or more) in a new sewer district for residents around part of the lake and then discovered that the quality of the lake was much the same as it was before the money was spent, due to farms and other rural runoff, chemicals applied to lawns and shrubs, large flocks of ducks, geese and seagulls, as well as the waste products from an assortment of wild and domestic animals.

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