DECISION 2012: Ursula Rozum

Biographical information

Ursula Rozum is a Syracuse native, the daughter of Polish immigrants who were exiled due to their work with the anti-Communist Solidarity trade union. She holds a BA Political Science and Latin American Literature from McGill University. In recent years, she has worked with Citizen Action of NY, the Working Families Party and the Green Party. Currently, she works on staff at the Syracuse Peace Council. She has been active locally working on issues of peace, immigrant rights, Latin America Solidarity and in the movement to ban hydrofracking in New York.

What are the major issues facing the 24th district?

Unemployment, Poverty, Economic Stagnation: We need a public jobs program that guarantees the right to a living-wage job and restores economic prosperity by restoring consumer demand.

Climate Emergency: We need an Apollo-style Climate Action Plan to put people to work building clean energy systems.

Fracking: We need a federal ban on fracking like France and Bulgaria have enacted.

Fiscal Crisis: We need to cut military spending and restore Eisenhower-era progressive tax rates on the top 10% income brackets so that the federal government can meet its obligations, including no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and revenue sharing with states and cities in fiscal distress.

Public Education Crisis: We need to replace high-stakes testing used to financially punish poorly-funded, poorly-testing schools with a return to need-based federal education funding to help property-poor, poorly-testing schools to improve. We need to forgive student debt and make public higher education tuition-free.

How will you create jobs?

I will support a permanent public jobs program for the unemployed, specifically HR 870, “The 21st Century Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment and Training Act” introduced by Rep. John Conyers of Detroit. Private jobs are good, but public jobs are necessary for full employment. We need federally-funded, locally-planned projects in public works and public services like the New Deal's Works Progress Administration (WPA) did to put 12 million unemployed people to work during the Great Depression. Now we are dragging though the Great Recession and need a Green New Deal to put over 25 million un- and under-employed people back to work in a Climate Action Plan building clean energy, mass transit, and green building retrofits, as well as revitalizing public services, from schools and community health clinics to child care, parks, arts, recreation, and youth and senior programs.

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