DECISION 2012: Don Miller

What are the major issues facing the 127th district?

The most significant issue facing the 127th district is job retention and growth. I have proposed a comprehensive package of initiatives to protect the jobs that we have in New York, and to make it possible for families and employers to begin to create jobs here again, so that my children and all of our families continue to call this our home.

What have you accomplished during your first term? How will you carry those accomplishments forward? What do you hope to accomplish with a second term?

The most significant accomplishment in my first term is tax cutting that has made room to grow 2,800 new jobs in our area. Before I was elected two years ago, Onondaga County had lost more than 8,500 jobs after my predecessor imposed the largest tax increase in state history. I promised to work hard to reduce taxes and stop Albany’s runaway spending so that families and employers could begin to create good jobs again. Well, we cut taxes and stopped the automatic spending increases. We locked in a middle class tax cut, and a tax cut for small business job creators, and we cut off Albany’s spending spree — and Onondaga County gained 2,800 jobs in the past two years.

I am proud of these accomplishments, but we’re just getting started. New York is still the highest-taxing, highest-spending state in the nation, and there is much more we can do to reduce taxes further for even more job growth. I will continue to push for my proposal for a 0 percent cap on the growth of property taxes, and to eliminate completely the taxes on capital gains and estates. I will also continue to drive toward a constitutional 0 percent cap on spending growth.

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