Directions from the front porch

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Political parties should cut across religious ties. People of the same church should be afforded a choice in their voting and not all be lumped together as a grand tally to be awarded to the Republican or Democrat of current favor.

This country was built by a bunch of renegade and rebellious Europeans, who rejected the ignobility of the corrupt monarchies and church leaders of their past.

They wanted a voice and a say, and demanded honesty and creative direction from their leaders. They traveled a long way to find the notion that is America. They convinced others of their sincerity to follow with a promise to the future that would always be upheld.

Well, we are the future and the promise is still there but it must be formulated anew. Like Hemingway’s old man, we tracked the mighty fish and caught it, and as we navigate homeward, we have to defend its integrity without allowing each scavenger along the way its unjust confiscation or endure the alternative of returning with only a skeleton upon delivery, and a basket of soggy croutons.

The once-representative citizenry of this land are turning into that school of scavengers, a collection of know-it-all and ne’er-do-well students treating authority like the proverbial substitute teacher. There’s a palpable lack of respect for those in charge and an even greater lack for those next in line.

While many seek a decent education and passing grades, there is an insolent and ever-expanding minority that insists on throwing erasers and disrupting class.

We need a teacher, an advisor, a counselor we can trust. In our pursuit of right and wrong, we must navigate the gray area, which is not merely the middle of the road, like some tri-colored linear swatch.

The gray area is everywhere and eternal. It existed long before mankind and will continue long after, with or without us. Right and wrong are only droplets in the ocean, something similar to markings that dogs leave to find their way home. We need to explore the gray, no matter how vast.

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