School board begins information process of hiring interim superintendent

— In answer to board member questions, Speck said the average payment for an interim superintendent was $500 to $600 per day, while the average duration of an interim period differs with every district depending on their needs and wants.

The important thing, Speck said, was to find an interim superintendent that was a “good match” for the district, so the hiring process for a permanent superintendent would go smoothly.

Also at the May 15 meeting, the board:

—Unanimously approved the request of the high school Spanish department for a study abroad trip to Spain during the Thanksgiving recess.

—Honored the cast and crew of the High School Drama Club’s recent “Phantom of the Opera” performance with certificates of excellence. The cast also performed two scenes from the play for the BOE, both of which were received with standing ovations from the board members and those in the audience.

—Discussed at length a proposal to create a combined boys hockey team with Marcellus. District Athletic Director Stacey Tice said the boys hockey Coach Mitch Major felt the “time might be right” to consider such a combination even though the Skaneateles team does not need to combine with another school district in order to have enough players to exist. Marcellus players next year will not be able play on the Corcoran combined team as they have in years past, and to allow them in Skaneateles would be to be a “good neighbor,” Tice said. Such a combination would have to be approved annually by the board.

Most of the board members were uncomfortable with the idea, however, being concerned that Skaneateles players ultimately could be excluded, cut or benched from a team season in favor of Marcellus players. “When we exclude a child we are failing them,” said board Member Thomas E. Lambdin. “I’m concerned about this.”

“We should not be cutting our own players to accommodate another school,” agreed board Member Kathryn Carlson.

After much discussion, the board took a straw poll of members that showed a majority did not favor the proposed combination hockey team. They took the vote so Tice would have an idea of their thoughts and their current inclinations on the proposal, and she and Major could further discuss and possibly refine the idea.

Jason Emerson is editor of the Skaneateles Press. He can be reached at editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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