LETTERS: Verdict sets unfair precedent

— To the editor: Over two weeks ago, I sat through a court hearing over a small claims case that I thought was related to official town business. A previous Lysander Town Board member was being sued by a citizen over a hospital bill incurred from a 911 call. This call was related to the Republican Primary, and the people involved were on opposing sides. After hearing this, I questioned why the town would be representing the previous board member in a clearly political issue.

I have now found out the case has been dismissed. The judge said the citizen did not prove his case, and the judge believed what the previous board member said over the citizen.

As I sat through the case, I heard multiple people say the citizen never said what the previous board member stated. From what was stated, the citizen does not even have ammunition in their house.

It is unsettling to see a blind eye turned on a citizen in a court of law. What is worse is for the citizen to not even be heard.

I guess this verdict sets a precedent. If you don't like what someone is doing, and they don't have the money to "lawyer up,” just call 911 on them and say they were going to harm themselves. Even if you are on the opposing side, the judge might think you are just looking out for their well-being, and dismiss the case.

Kevin Rode is a resident of Lysander.

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