LETTERS: Pvt. Holstein confused by wonderings of March 14 letter

To the editor:

I am somewhat confused by a letter from Richard Brown published in the March 14 issue, in which he alleges that a newspaper delivery vehicle ran over his American flag, and wonders if “Maybe I should hold out for an apology from Obama!”

I was under the impression that we paid our presidents enough of a salary so they didn’t have to moonlight as delivery men, and that, if in fact that was happening, wouldn’t someone in Madison County have noticed and remarked on it before this?

And wouldn’t there be a number of black vehicles filled with men in dark suits going in front of and behind the truck the president were driving?

Isn’t it possible that one of them ran over the flag? And how would he find the time, what with being president and helping raise two daughters and entertaining all of those foreigners?

Neither can I understand what this has to do with “…the millions who have served that flag with honor and distinction.”

Does he mean himself, or perhaps himself and other people who were soldiers? Or simply those among us who have lived their lives as concurrently as possible with democratic principals?

I just don’t get it.

Pvt. Jonathan Holstein

United States Army, Honorably Discharged


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