The 2009 comprehensive plan has been a huge success

Guest Column

I want to take a moment to voice my feelings about current discussion related to the 2009 comprehensive plan in general, and Village Edge South in particular.

As highlighted on these pages last week, there’s renewed pressure building to alter the recommendations of the 2009 plan regarding both usage and building footprint based on an argument that the current zoning is too restrictive and is, therefore, stifling potential growth.

Let me state up front that I’m well aware of the serious state of local public finances. Indeed, the ongoing budget dilemma faced by our community is not unique — it’s a nation-wide crisis. To be sure, no obvious or easy solution to this crisis exists.

Having served on the village board in the past as the winner of a contested election, I’m well aware of the pressure the current board faces to tackle these issues, or at a minimum, to set the wheels of action into motion.

That said, I implore all of those involved in the looming review not to panic or to rush into shortsighted policy initiatives simply to placate restive special interest groups.

Moreover, patience with the 2009 plan is more than warranted given the successes that have already accrued to the village as a result of it.

From the adoption of the 1991 plan until 2009, virtually nothing was built along Route 20 at the eastern edge of the village. Since then, in the face of the worst United States recession in 80 years, the village has had two new structures build in Village Edge South and plans for another major initiative on the north side are rumored to be in the works.

All of these projects have filled or will fill obvious needs of our community that were, heretofore, stifled for lack of community-wide consensus.

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