LETTERS: Oh boy, it's spring

— To the editor:

Two "crotch rocket" motorbikes just went tearing down Van Buren Road in Baldwinsville at 9 p.m. on Tuesday night. If a person or animal happened to be in the road they could never have stopped or avoided them. By the time we could have called the police to advise them of the speeders they were long gone. We encountered a pair of them one time on Rte 370 outside Baldwinsville where they roared past our vehicle. We were traveling at 55 mph, going up a hill that has a curve at the top. We were so startled we almost went off the road. We fully expected to see them splattered over the road somewhere ahead. These bikes and drivers are a menace and should not be allowed on the road. They should never have been built in the first place. These "bikers" give a bad name to respectable motorcyclists. If they absolutely have to ride these bikes they should only be allowed on a special track never on highways. What can be done to get them off the road?

D. Bowes is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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