LETTERS: Area newspaper carriers deserve recognition, benefit of the doubt

To the editor:

Although I hesitate to call further attention to it, I am compelled to speak up for our daily newspaper carriers, whose reputation was assailed last week by a self-proclaimed “proud flag flyer” in a letter that appeared on these pages.

As a former newspaper delivery boy (Whittier, CA Daily News, 1968-70), I am well familiar with how the publisher and the subscribers will typically conspire to blame the carriers for their own mistakes.

The letter writer does not claim to have seen the desecration with his own eyes. So how does he know who did the dirty deed?

And even so, would it not be possible that the carriers, who make their deliveries in the black of night, never even saw his flag lying there on the cold muddy ground while they were doing their rounds?

And, for that matter, what was the flag doing there in the first place? Is that not a greater disrespect to leave a flag outside all night and not take reasonable care to ensure that it was secured to the flagpole?

To be sure, the available evidence points more firmly to misdeeds committed by the letter writer than by our newspaper carriers. I happen to know them — not well, but enough to get the sense that they are good and decent people who did not deserve to be publicly denounced in the newspaper of disrespecting our flag and our military.

If apologies are owed, they should go to our newspaper carriers from the “proud flag flyer” — he who left Old Glory on the ground all night — and from the Cazenovia Republican for spreading his coarse allegations in our community.

David St. John


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