Regardless of legitimacy, reason happens

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I understand that the coherent transmission of reason is borne of logic, and that logic has many layers. On one level, logic tells us the office of American President should be filled with the best person possible, and yet morons are encouraged to vote.

Logic suggests we explore space at any cost and yet people are starving here on earth.

Logic declares that parental guidance is essential for enlightened growth, yet orphans thrive.

And logic says a bunch of college basketball games don’t amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things. But sometimes, a team that shouldn’t win becomes the champ and yesteryear’s obsolete recipes are still good for something and a decent human being becomes President of the United States.

I guess that’s all the reason I need to put on a twisted balloon hat and enjoy the big dance.

Willie Kiernan is a past editor of the Cazenovia Republican and a contributing columnist at Eagle Newspapers. He can be reached at cazindependent@gmail.com.

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