COLUMN: Are corporations people? Is money speech? We don’t think so

— In Onondaga County, there is a resolution of support introduced by Mark Stanczyk (district 9), and supported by Chris Ryan (district 8), and Linda Ervin (district 17), which has been presented to the county legislative body. The discussion has just begun. We will need a lot more support from legislators if we want this to pass.

A yes vote majority would mean that the resolution to support Move to Amend is an official opinion of the people of Onondaga County and that our state representatives must address the issue.

I don’t see this as a conservative vs. liberal issue, but an issue having to do with protecting the constitution.

The Declaration of Independence clearly states in the second paragraph that the government derives their power from the governed, and that when the government takes a form that is destructive, the people have the right to change the government; we do this through the power of constitutional amendments. Call me patriotic, but I think this says we have a right to protect the rights of human people and a responsibility as American citizens to protect the constitution.

Unfortunately, I find that many people are uncomfortable talking to their local representatives. Our legislators have the job because we gave it to them. They are supposed to serve the people. The people have a right to voice their opinion to these legislators, unfortunately many people agree with the issue but are reluctant to speak out, feeling intimidated by their very representatives.

If this is an issue that you feel is important, and you are willing to speak out, call your representatives to discuss the Move to Amend. Lysander residents can call Brian May at 435-2070 or e-mail bfmay6@yahoo.com; Van Buren residents can contact Derek Shepard at 435-2070 or e-mail shepard@twcny.rr.com.

The Move to Amend National tour will be in Syracuse at 6 p.m. Saturday, March 24, at the Westcott Community Center. Join us and get an update on national events from David Cobb and find out what you can do to help at the local level.

Dr. Joan Coff is owner of North Star Natural Health Center in Baldwinsville. Contact her at 635-2739.

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