Connecting the dots and the twinkling stars

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Not for nothing, but my image is not worth barking home about, and I don’t wish to remake my children in it.

Sure, I could teach them a thing or two about a thing or two, like translating a compass and the subtle art of pizza deliveries, but these are difficult times, what with everyone owning a GPS and the fact that minimum wage and the obligatory tip doesn’t cover the gasoline anymore, never mind the rent.

“When I speak about higher education we’re not just talking about a four-year degree,” President Obama said. “We’re talking about somebody going to a community college and getting trained for that manufacturing job that now is requiring somebody walking through the door, handling a million-dollar piece of equipment.”

Many Americans are suspicious of the culture of higher learning, and most are angry about rising tuition, but education, at any cost, is overwhelmingly and increasingly necessary for existence in the future.

Horace Mann, the “Father of American Education,” said, “Education, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men - the balance wheel of the social machinery.”

In other words, education creates fairness. It connects the dots, the haves with the have-nots, the one percent with the other 99, the Wall Streeters with those camping on the lawn.

It also connects America to the rest of the world, which would gladly leave us behind in the twinkling of an eye.

Long ago, my father handed me a map. I wasn’t sure if it would lead me to a rainbow or to where the large cheese with extra pepperoni was going.

After a lifetime of education, real world and book stuff, I’ve discovered that the map has led me to a humble but sturdy house in the woods, a place where I can live with my family, in safety and comfort, beneath the majesty of spacious skies and twinkling stars.

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