Caz Lake Association to hold ‘State of Lake’ Summit March 10

— With the sparse amount of ice almost off of Cazenovia Lake, this year’s almost nonexistent winter is coming to a close. It has been an unusual year, and as a result, it seems as if spring is coming much more quickly this year than it has in previous years.

With the accelerated onset of spring, the Watershed Council (the partnership of the village of Cazenovia, the town of Cazenovia and the Cazenovia Lake Association) is gearing up for its third treatment of the lake to control invasive plants. The first two years of the program were extremely effective and the group is looking forward to building on that success.

The program to control Milfoil and other invasive species began in 2007 with many hours of deliberation and planning by the three partners in the Watershed Council.

The program that was adopted is a four-year effort involving three herbicide treatments.

Last year was the third year in the program; the organization did not do a treatment, but rather used the time to do an extensive assessment of its progress during the first two years, as well as plan for the third treatment of the series.

Over the last year, the Watershed Council did two exhaustive lake-wide plant surveys and held many meetings with consultants and experts in lake management. The third lake treatment program was agreed on in November /December of 2011.

While the first and second year treatments were done to the north and south sides of the lake respectively, this third year treatment will be a lake-wide treatment.

The strategy to treat the lake was carefully designed, and is described in the permit to treat the lake this June. That permit has been filed with DEC; the Watershed Council is awaiting approval.

The lake association is convening a meeting to share the plans for lake treatment with the community. The meeting is designed to describe the work that is being planned for weed control both now and in the long term along with other agenda items.

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