Dog attack incidents look the same, but have very different outcomes

Jadran’s dog, Rocky, was killed in an attack by a loose pit bull in the city last summer.

Jadran’s dog, Rocky, was killed in an attack by a loose pit bull in the city last summer. Photo by Ami Olson.

— It’s yet to be a full year since I lived through a nightmare, a nightmare that doesn’t seem to have an ending. On Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011, my dog, Rock, and I were attacked by a pit bull running loose in my old Syracuse neighborhood. Rock, a Rottweiler that I rescued from a shelter in Colorado, had just turned 12 years old a few months prior.

To this day, I know that if it weren’t for Rock sacrificing his own life, it would have been a child, an adult, another animal or me that would have been hurt or killed. He acted with the utmost bravery that day and proved he would always make me feel safe.

Sadly, many people (myself included) do not feel safe. While my incident happened in the city of Syracuse, near Le Moyne College, I recently learned of a similar situation happening in the town of Clay.

This time, there were two pit bulls running loose on Spicebush Trail near Soule Road in Clay. The dogs were acting aggressive and not showing signs of leaving a Clay woman’s property. She had her 4-year-old son with her at the time of the incident.

Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Poland responded to the scene.

The Clay woman, Jessica Millard, has told reporters that Poland made attempts to contact some sort of animal control, whether it was through the town or the CNYSPCA, but there was no result.

The town’s animal control officer had the day off and his covering deputy was on a medical call. And the CNYSPCA does not have a contract with the town so they did not respond to the call either.

While the dogs posed a danger after one tried to bite Millard’s son in their front yard, there still was “no cause” for any action.

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