LETTERS: Town’s decisions questionable

— To the editor:

At the latest Lysander Town Board Meeting, two very important issues were brought up. One was news to me that our fired dog control officer was suing the town for more than $230,000.00. This is considerably more than he would have been paid (around $45,000) if our town board would have just let him finish his contract for this year, and searched for a new means of dog control while he was still working. When asked if the taxpayers will be footing the entire settlement, our town supervisor reassured the citizen asking by saying, “Our insurance company will be picking up some of the bill.” I wonder if that will affect our premiums next year.

The other item was the possible creation of a not-for-profit LLC by the board titled the Lysander Development Corporation. It is just in the exploratory phase, but this entity would look at possibly purchasing and selling commercial property in Lysander. The board seems to be looking at unused commercial land in the Radisson Business Park. I do understand it is cumbersome for a business or developer to build in that area, because you have to deal with two to four entities that have an interest in the area. I do not agree with our town board creating a corporation that, from what I understand, would have no public input as to their decisions to buy or sell property or land. It reminds me of the Board OCC put together to run the SRC Arena, to skirt public information laws. Due to the few people in attendance, I wanted to let others know.

Our new town board ran under the “open and transparent” platform, but there have been many executive sessions and very little explanation so far. Please come out on June 25 and ask questions about these large issues. As the weather gets better, people tend to have other more exciting things to do, but your hard earned tax monies are still being spent.

Kevin Rode is a resident of Lysander.

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