Spafford building poses safety hazard, causes local stir

Unsafe structure tied up in estate settlement

— A debilitated structure on Borodino Landing — the tail end of Bockes Road — is causing a stir with at least one Spafford resident.

Joe Vecchio approached the town board at its June 14 meeting with a presentation and verbal complaint of the structure, which is literally falling apart.

According to town Supervisor Webb Stevens, the board had previously addressed the issue when Vecchio brought it before the council last summer. While there was correspondence with the building owner, who was at the time going to remedy the problem, the situation has taken a turn for the worse.

The property, whose owner has since died, is currently going through an estate settlement and the family — Chip Fesko and Connie Fesko, the owner’s children and nephew and niece to the late Rick Fesko, who sat on the town board at the time of his death — has been advised not to touch the building until everything has been resolved, said codes enforcement officer Kim Fairchild.

However, Connie Fesko had previously applied for a demolition permit, Fairchild said.

“The mere fact Connie Fesko went for a demo permit gives me hope,” said Town Councilor Chris Fesko, widow of Rick Fesko.

While Vecchio demanded action be taken, Stevens said he would rather the estate be settled before the town attempts to have anything done to the physical structure.

Councilor Lou Hanlon made a motion to take immediate action, which was tabled. He said since the town is aware of the situation he feared if no action was taken the municipality would be held liable.

The property poses a swimming risk as nails and other debris are falling into the waters of Skaneateles Lake where residents often swim.

Fairchild said the building could be deemed unsafe and the board begin going through the motions to have it demolished immediately.

Chris Fesko recommended to post the property as condemned and run orange fencing around the structure as an attempt to keep swimmers and other lake goers away from the building until something can done or the estate is settled.

Miranda L. Pennock is an Eagle Newspapers contributor. She can be reached through the editor at editor@skaneatelespress.com.

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