Darn those holy socks

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What’s for breakfast? You can go with the quinoa pancakes and pomegranate juice or a brownie and a cup of mud.

With such an innocently loaded question, you can begin a philosophical discourse or just make a simple menu choice.

However, the optimum response lies somewhere in between, by not dwelling on it too much or too little.

The pursuance of philosophy is oftentimes a license for non-activity, while the disregard for it allows for mistakes and eventual failure. Thinking about something and not thinking about it seem to be the only two choices we have, yet the pathway between them leads toward a more gratifying consciousness.

We can sit in our comfortable chairs with our wine and bread and discuss the nature of the universe, this magical mystery tour, the existence of a supreme being, ethics, government, fate and what happens when we die, but that’ll never get the syrup off the waffle.

I used to think all I had to do was decide if the glass was half-full or half-empty or did the tree fall in the forest if there was no one there to witness it or what is the sound of one hand clapping.

Does the sock have a hole or does the hole have a sock?

Realistically, our situation in life has to do with who we are. We call ourselves human beings, derived from the Greek word anthropos, the inherency of which beckons us to define what being is.

To be or not to be, isn’t that the ultimate question? Of course, Shakespeare was talking about suicide, but isn’t living an unconscious life almost the same thing, just a little slower?

Awareness comes in many shapes and sizes. You can be falling in love, performing on stage or sharing sorrow with a total stranger. Rejoicing in the gift of life like it was a ripened fruit is natural and fulfilling, and even more rewarding when the seed of that fruit leads to a harvest in the future.

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