EDITORIAL: Do your part to keep the birds at bay

We do our best to make sure the news we bring you is not just “for the birds.”

But lately there’s been an influx — a migration even — of stories on the subject.

It’s been the swans, but this time it’s the geese.

Canadian geese, though not as popular as the swans in Manlius, have found a welcome home in the pond next to Walmart in East Syracuse. People seem to be doing all they can to get them there and to keep them coming back — offering bread crumbs and other human snacks as incentive and reward.

“They’re lazy,” East Syracuse Mayor Liedka said of the birds at a recent village board meeting. “They don’t want to have to walk far for food. If people are going to hand them food, they’re going to flock there.”

If you take a trip to Walmart, you’ll notice not just geese, but pigeons and ducks, among other bird types — and you’ll notice quite a few of them.

Liedka feels something should be done to discourage the birds from further populating the area, citing dangerous traffic conditions and general messiness.

And we agree.

While the pond provides a natural refuge in the otherwise commercial area, the birds have become a nuisance and a hazard to cars passing through. A recent attempt by an Eagle Bulletin reporter to photograph the birds was made easier when a clutch of goslings crossed directly in front of his car.

A taller fence, as requested by Liedka and the village of East Syracuse, could work to keep the birds out, but would interfere with the pond’s aesthetic.

We would rather see Walmart post a sign discouraging resident from feeding the fowl. For now, residents can help out by keeping in mind that bagels and bread are not “for the birds.”

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