COLUMN: From Grandma’s Kitchen

— June is a music filled month. We have high school and college graduations and weddings to celebrate. Special songs are played to celebrate these happy occasions. There are parties and get-togethers to honor the graduates and newlyweds. Delicious foods and desserts are served to guests.

Are you aware that when you are cooking you are creating a kitchen symphony? Listen closely while you make music in your kitchen. The recipe is the musical notes, following the directions is the adding of ingredients, the mixing, the folding and blending is the tune, the chords are the sounds of peeling, chopping and measuring.

Listen closely to the orchestra background sounds of boiling, simmering or frying. You are composing and preparing a masterpiece. Now, as the creator and director, graciously offer the creation to family and friends. Stand back and accept all praise, applause and a well-deserved standing ovation. Take a bow because tomorrow you will have to prepare another masterpiece.

I have a delicious vegetable salad that is perfect to serve at parties. I guarantee it will make your mouth sing.

Vegetable Salad

1 bunch broccoli

1 head cauliflower

4 carrots

2 green peppers

2 cucumbers

1 large can black olives

1 large can green olives

1 12 oz. package fresh mushrooms

1 diced onion

2 c. cherry or grape tomatoes


2 c. vinegar

2 c. vegetable oil

2 tbsp. black pepper

2 tbsp. garlic salt

2 tbsp. accent

2 tbsp. sugar

2 tbsp. dill weed

Cut up all vegetables (except tomatoes) into bite size pieces. Add marinade and mix until well blended; refrigerate overnight.

Annette Sica is a resident of Baldwinsville. Years ago, she used to write a column for the Baldwinsville Messenger titled Coffee with Annette and she is happy to be writing cooking columns for her community again.

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