LETTERS: ‘Irresponsible children’ on the road

— To the editor:

I had to chuckle about the Robert C. Scudder's [recent letter in the Post Standard] regarding seat belt checks and what a great waste of taxpayer money/police time checking for seat belts. He says it is demeaning to law officers to be relegated to playing nanny and demeaning to all citizens to have the government treat them like irresponsible children who need watching.

Unfortunately there are irresponsible children out there behind the wheel of the car who need watching. I see it all the time on the streets, roads and highways. Citizens driving like they own the road, get out of my way, driving way over the speed limit, not properly using turn signals, tailgating, texting while driving, talking on cell phones, reading while driving, passing in a no passing zone, speeding through a school zone and on and on.

Thank the Lord the police are out there trying to protect us from us the "irresponsible children who need watching." I would strongly suggest it time to have the state require a much more comprehensive driver training program, more practice driving training time and more comprehensive driving tests.

A driving test now consists of about one half hour, parking parallel and parking on a hill. There is no testing regarding ability to drive in high speed traffic, ability to quickly understand road signs and reaction time to various situations. These are everyday driving problems that must be addressed to promote safe driving practices especially for those "irresponsible children who need watching."

Diane Bowes is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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