Finding grace in a lemon

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My father told me Joe DiMaggio was the best center fielder ever because his hat never came off while catching a long fly. I say Willie Mays was the best because he didn’t mind losing his hat if it meant making the play. Derek Jeter will eventually go to the Hall of Fame with the most hits ever by a baseball player. I say Pete Rose was every bit as good, but he’s not even allowed in sniffing-distance of Cooperstown. And as for the Hail Mary pass in football, even if it works, there’s nothing graceful about it.

Poor Joseph had to raise a kid who wasn’t his own, feed him, clothe him and teach him how to read a level and work a miter box while his wife, the “virgin,” got credit for all the grace in the family.

Nowadays, judges are deemed graceful for treating “criminals” with leniency because they prefer marijuana over alcohol, as the cartels in Mexico gracefully lop off heads, careful not to catch an ear, while trafficking in illegal, God-made plants.

Doctors routinely withhold death wishes because they care only for their own “divine responsibilities,” totally disregarding the suffering patients and their rights to die gracefully. Yes, God gave us life, but also death.

Are we really trying to mock God by boasting a better brand of grace?

Do we really think that grace belongs to the black or the white, the gambler or the idol, the junkie or the judge, the afflicted or the healthy?

Do we really have to define grace or can we just know it in our bones?

I like lemons. I eat them just the way they are. Thank you God, for the bounty which I am about to receive.

Willie Kiernan is a past editor of the Cazenovia Republican and a contributing columnist at Eagle Newspapers. He can be reached at cazindependent@gmail.com.

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