How easy is it being ‘green’?

Technically Speaking

It’s that time of year again. The weather is warming, and your neighbors are out in their yards working to make their lawns and flower beds as pretty as can be – or at least as pretty as yours or your other neighbors’.

Gardening and lawn care books are flying off the shelves of local libraries, and many of us are roaming the aisles of home improvement stores looking for the latest technology that will give us the most beautiful yard on the block. But are we looking for the right things? Are high-tech machines or the latest chemical fertilizers really necessary for a beautiful yard? Perhaps not.

In the spirit of going “green,” this article will turn back time and focus not on modern technologies but on technologies that have survived thousands of years relatively unchanged but gaining in popularity. What’s old is new again, and “low-tech” is now “high-tech.”

Rain barrels

Collecting rainwater has been going on for thousands of years. Evidence shows that civilizations dating as far back as 4500 BC harvested and stored rainwater to use during times of drought.

The rain barrel is an example of an ancient technology being used today that has changed very little over the years – rain falls from the sky and is gathered in a container, then that water is used for another purpose. Rain barrels are most commonly set up at the downspouts around your house. Instead of that rainwater making its way across your lawn and literally going down a drain, it can be collected and put to good use to water your flowers, shrubs and plants in your garden.

Compost bins

Please don’t waste your money buying expensive inorganic fertilizers and lawn amendments – you have what you need for a healthy lawn in your kitchen and yard already. Compost it!

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