Floral Notes: Who, what, where?

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It’s hard to ignore the abundant choices in every nursery tempting us with color, scent and texture — both in annual and perennial form. It’s not safe to even get milk without the siren call of a plant we “need” finding its way into our carts.

Besides cost, is there any way to resist adding just one more, or five or six?

Let’s see if we can set some boundaries.

A good first step is limiting colors. Walking around the regional market last Saturday, I thought the purples and chartreuse I was picking up would all go together.

My granddaughter, Natalie, would fetch while I held the box, but often, when put in closer proximity, the purples were either too blue or too red to match or compliment. This was not for the faint of heart.

Needless to say, I have a porch full of one of everything that maybe will be added to in this next round of nursery searches. I redo containers a few times as the perfect companion comes along, but it’s satisfying to get the process started.

First a container is chosen to compliment it’s setting, then the colors of the background, but ultimately, the sun or shade requirement must rule. Oh, don’t forget height and spread! You must be able to get in the front door or garage without a machete.

The sun room also yields tropical plants and houseplants that appreciate a summer vacation, so they will have to be included in my mixtures. For a week, chaos rules until the fever subsides and decisions are made.

Keep in mind that unless there is a friend to water the mass of planters, you don’t get a vacation!

No one says you can’t plant these same combinations in the ground, if bunnies and their ilk are not going to munch this expensive salad. I have a long bed beside a parking area that calls for “wow,” so right in the center is just the opportunity for such a grouping. Around country mailboxes and front door beds are other small spots that could pop.

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