Town, SRCT at odds over return of YMCA assets -- litigation a possibility

After 18 months, two sides still can’t agree to issue resolution

— “In light of this new information we would like you to review your position, discuss with us and move forward via gifting of these assets to the SRCT,” Hennigan wrote in an email. “With respect to the WG Allyn trust funds we would continue to move forward as we agreed.”

The town board disagreed with the SRCT’s interpretation of the article and the state law, and was informed by its attorney, Patrick Sardino, that to gift the assets would be illegal because they were purchased with taxpayer funds and the YMCA has a limited scope in that it does not serve the entire community but only dues-paying members.

The board then asked the SRCT if it was withdrawing its previous agreement, and, if so, to let the town know so it could arrange to remove all town-owned assets from the YMCA. The SRCT responded last week with a proposal for the town to proceed with the municipal gift transaction with a provision that if the transaction is found to “not meet the legal requirements for such a gift,” that the SRCT would then be required to purchase the assets.

The disagreements

The disagreements between the town and the SRCT concern multiple issues starting with the original transfer of community center management in August 2010 and what was or was not agreed to at that time.

SRCT President Charlie Wallace told the Skaneateles Press that at that time, there was no discussion and no issue about who owned what assets — it “was just assumed” all assets were included with the facility. But then in December 2010, town officials suddenly declared they expected compensation for all town assets in the facility, which included items such as exercise equipment, office furniture, kitchen equipment and utensils, computer equipment, bumper boats for the pool, and an ice resurfacer.

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