LETTERS: Dolan warns village residents to beware of vicious animals in Caz

To the editor:

We arrived home in the early evening of June 27. Upon leaving our car and approaching our porch, one of our four daughters (age 5) was repeatedly attacked by the neighbor’s German Shepherd while her three sisters watched.

This dog blasted out of its house completely unprovoked and inflicted five wounds on my daughter. These wounds consisted of deep contusions, abrasions and bites. This dog had no rabies vaccination. The dog was “confined” next door for a period of 10 days to see if it had rabies.

Unfortunately the dog is still living next door.

We called the Cazenovia Police Department — they made a police report and took photos.

We called the dog warden, who gave the owner a slap on the wrist by issuing a no leash report and assured us he had done everything he could.

We called the appointed village justice, as we were told by the dog warden that he is the only one who has the right to have the dog removed. The village justice responded with “what are you calling me for?”

We called the chief of police, who stated he “wanted to help but had no legal leverage.”

We called the town supervisor, who said “legislation needs to be passed.”

We called the mayor, who was sympathetic – and then four days later after town court was held, asked “is everything settled in your neighborhood?”

We spoke to the dog owner, who assured my husband “the dog won’t do it again.”

We went to the village meeting were I stood up and cried asking for some help from the board to change the local laws regarding animals such as these. The appointed village lawyer advised us the dog is personal property and cannot be removed – just as we have no right to remove our neighbor’s television.

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