Third-party candidate seeks to present alternative to Buerkle, Maffei in Congress

Ursula Rozum, Green Party candidate for the 24th District congressional seat, speaks on Earth Day at a rally.

Ursula Rozum, Green Party candidate for the 24th District congressional seat, speaks on Earth Day at a rally.

— The Green plan focuses on more than just environmental jobs, reaching into what Rozum calls “the caring sector” — social service jobs. These jobs tend to be public sector jobs that serve community needs.

“The idea is that if you have public jobs, people in those public jobs can spend money at local businesses in the private sector,” Rozum said. “I know we didn’t come up with this, but it feels like we’re the only ones talking about it.”

Of course, such a job creation plan requires a good deal of investment. Rozum said in order to cover those costs, money would have to come from the military and defense spending.

“Those are already public funds being used to create jobs, and those aren’t jobs that necessarily make our communities more resilient,” she said. “So commissioning companies like Lockheed Martin, rather than making armaments, asking them to work on things like windmills or high-speed rail, that kind of thing. We’re already creating public jobs, just not the kind of public jobs that will give us security here.”

Rozum said the nation needs to do something in order to update its infrastructure, as it’s way behind other industrialized nations in that respect, and in doing so, the country could create numerous jobs.

“The need is there,” she said. “People need jobs, especially here in Syracuse. I know tons of people without work.”


Rozum said she did have one thing in common with her Republican opponent, which was pointed out by the Post-Standard: they both have issues with the Affordable Care Act. But the similarities end there.

“I think Ann Marie Buerkle’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act are totally immoral, and I think, as much as there are things about this health care legislation that aren’t sufficient to really get us what we need, which is Medicare for all,” Rozum said.

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