Sometimes everything isn’t enough

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Comparison plays a major roll in assessing projected outcomes. Many of us feel that if we do what the neighbor did we, too, will have green grass. Although this may happen, and often does, it remains neither a license nor a guarantee for similar results.

There are just too many variables, miniscule and monumental, to warrant equal conclusions. It would be like two random authors beginning with the trusty old phrase, “Once upon a time” and winding up with the same exact story.

The columnist went on to say that she had trouble putting in the hours it took to get ahead while retaining her valued position in the household, not to mention quality private time. Unfortunately for some, the 24-hour day just isn’t enough.

It is part of the human make-up to be somewhat impressionable, to be susceptible to outside influences, to be swayed by others to make decisions that ordinarily would not have occurred. a

But perhaps permissive gullibility only veils a deeper sense of lacking. Maybe the imagination we all share and enjoy uncorks a vulnerability that is difficult to endure alone. Maybe that’s why our craving for more seems to be satiated when we get what the other guy has.

It’s like reaching into your empty pocket to pull out a bunch of fresh grapes, or a juicy peach, or a bite of rich chocolate.

Though we spend our lives growing better grapes than the other guy, or the perfect peach or the finest chocolate, our endeavors merely cloak the fact that what we really want is to reach into our pockets and magically extricate that which we most desire at the time. Somewhere along the line, we’ve confused imagination with great expectation and it somehow topples us during what should be our greatest moments.

Unfortunately, even with the recipe of drums, bass and a couple of guitars, once upon a time will never again lead to the magical mystical Beatles.

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