Along the Lakeshore: thoughts on antique cars, cash crops and a fattening beagle


I have been watching a crop on the west side of 41A on the Falcone property. I had a notion that it is a new variety of short winter wheat that yields just as much grain, but will resist getting knocked down by strong summer storms.

I called and made some inquiries, but found that I was l wrong. The wheat just did not have its Wheaties and grow like Jack Armstrong. In many cases, it was planted fairly late and didn't get a good start in the fall, then the rain quit when it should have finished its growth in the spring or early summer. I have been told the yield was pretty good, but the straw was kind of skimpy. Apparently, the straw is as good a crash crop as the grain. The large dairies need lots of straw for cow bedding.

Mr. Lemon has had his spring checkup and I was told in no uncertain terms he has gained two pounds every year and it has got the stop! All my Beagles seem to spread a bit as they age. I had hoped that his ration of treats and dinner matched his energy output, but this is not so.

I guess his dreaming doesn’t burn calories, even if he is in full pursuit with his eyes closed. He certainly makes enough noise in his sleep to make you think he is accomplishing something.

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