New village hall building hoping for a darker shade of green

Village to apply for state grant to make building a net-zero energy usage facility

The technologies

The solar energy aspect would consist of panel sections covering most or all of the 7,500 square feet of roof space. The village is looking at either a 25- or 50-kilowatt system, either of which would, on a sunny day, produce enough energy to power the entire 4,000 square-foot village hall facility all day, Lotkowictz said. A typical home can be run all day on a 10 kilowatt generator, he said.

Any excess power produced by the solar panels would be put back into village grid, which translates into an immediate savings for village taxpayers. Instead of village having to buy supplemental power that power be utilized immediately.

The panels would not only save taxpayer money by offsetting energy costs, it could also be used as an educational tool to showcase the benefits of solar technology to the community, according to Lanning. A flat-screen monitor in the village hall lobby would show the amount of energy being generated and consumed in the building, which would allow residents, and even school children on field trips, to see exactly how the solar panels contribute to the energy of the facility.

The geothermal heating system would be constructed underground beneath what is currently the public parking lot. The system would be a confluence of water pipes that would use the natural temperature of the ground and ground water to maintain building temperature. Underground water typically stays at about 55 degrees, which, when harnessed and circulated through the use of heat pumps, help keep a building cool in summer and warm in winter.

“We have to do extensive site development on the parking lot and the demolition of the current police station in the back anyway to establish a new parking lot and green space. So while we have that under construction we have a prime opportunity to put in this geothermal system,” Lanning said.

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