LETTERS: Political favors owed and promptly paid

— No Supervisor Salisbury, you do not get to make inflammatory statements like “we considered providing funds to the ‘Y’ to sue the Lysander Town and Planning Boards and all of their respective members for arbitrary actions, financially harming the ‘Y,’ and placing their personal agendas before those of the Lysander community,” without accountability. This campaign rhetoric, quoted directly from your political ads, provides your real motives for adding two new members to the planning board. You do not get to now pretend your motives have somehow miraculously transformed and are limited to simply “getting wider representation on the planning board.” You and councilors Shimer and Reeves do not get to promise transparency and then claim “collective amnesia” of such an astounding and denigrating attack ad when confronted with it; ads paid for by Lysander First and “conveniently” forgotten.

Furthermore, Supervisor Salisbury, the very notion as expounded on by councilor Reeves that two additional inexperienced and untrained members added to the planning board, could somehow prevent a “future YMCA like” situation from happening; speaks volumes about the board’s true motives and intent. It implies a continued and biased belief that the YMCA was somehow misled and caused financial harm by our planning board’s actions or errors in judgment, or something to that affect, which of course, is nonsense. The YMCA created their own problems when they arrogantly and foolishly purchased land under questionable circumstances, not zoned or intended for commercial use. Our planning board, under the leadership of Michael Bryant (12 years experience), “did their job” thoroughly and professionally under very difficult circumstances, knowing full well their decision would be criticized either way. Additionally, for you to now tarnish their reputations and dedication by further implying their YMCA decision was somehow politically biased (Jan. 23 Post Standard), is disingenuous at best. It was a unanimous 5-0 decision from an “already widely represented” and well experienced planning board.

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