LETTERS: West Genesee BOE should reconsider decision to uphold policy 1540

District residents also knew the high school library was named the Bob McAfee Library to pay tribute to Mr. Bob McAfee a long time board member.

Since the creation of the West Genesee School District, the board’s response to requests to name facilities in honor of individuals has been inconsistent and not carefully considered.

The board’s solution to the confusion surrounding the naming of fields and buildings to honor individuals was to create policy 1540. The formal written policy states no field or building may be named to recognize an individual but the policy was created by a minority. Town hall-style meetings were not held, listening sessions were not conducted, and resident participation was not requested. Policy 1540 was created about a year ago by some former and current board members.

We do know that policy 1540 does not represent the views of all nine current board members. On December 21 the board voted five to four to not revisit board policy 1540. The vote indicates four board members feel policy 1540 should be subjected to “further review.”

It would seem that the board is forgetting that we live in a representative democracy. The board should reconsider its decision to determine if policy 1540 should be altered.

Board meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month.

Robert Knapp, Syracuse

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blueabbey 3 years, 10 months ago

Board has the right to create the policy

Board acted in autocratic fashion WITH no public input

Board was not interested in the views of the people


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