LETTERS: West Genesee BOE should reconsider decision to uphold policy 1540

To the editor:

Residents of the West Genesee School District were surprised and shocked to learn that the school board recently adopted policy 1540 which states that no building or field will be named to honor an individual.

This written policy was adopted a year ago and done with little or no community input.

In the 1990s, West Genesee residents were told they could not name an athletic field to pay tribute to a West Genesee administrator. Residents were told that a formal board policy prohibited the naming of a field to recognize and individual.

Fewer than two years ago over 1,100 residents petitioned the board to recognize a coach by naming an athletic field in his honor. A large contingent of residents went to a board meeting where many spoke in favor of naming a field to pay tribute to a coach. The petition signed by over 1,100 residents requesting naming a field to honor the coach was presented tot he board president.

The former board president read a lengthy statement, which he said reflected official board policy not to recognize individuals by naming fields or buildings.

Residents have learned that in the 1900s and in recent years board presidents were citing a phantom policy. Prior to the adoption of policy 1540 the rejection of requests by residents to name fields or buildings in recognition of individuals was predicated upon “made up non-existent policy.”

Prior to the recent adoption of policy 1540 there was no written board policy relative to the naming of fields to pay tribute to the individuals.

Residents of the West Genesee School District have been very confused and frustrated because they knew that Camillus Middle School is officially called the Edwin Beebe Learning Center. Mr. Edwin Beebe was the first superintendent of the West Genesee School District.

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blueabbey 3 years, 3 months ago

Board has the right to create the policy

Board acted in autocratic fashion WITH no public input

Board was not interested in the views of the people


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