The times they are a changin’

From the editor

— This past week, I was able to sit down with the staff of the newly formed East-Wellington Times.

They visited the Cazenovia Republican offices above Common Grounds in hopes of asking me questions, trying to find out what I thought the most challenging and enjoyable parts of my job were. I was happy to oblige, as I knew it would yield a community news story for this week’s issue.

The experience was both inspiring and frightening for me.

Inspiring, in the fact that these six children, ranging in age from 8 to 11, were motivated enough to spend time away from televisions and computers to do their neighborhood a service; compiling news items and reporting on important events.

Frightening, because I realized each one of the students could put me out of a job in just a few years.

Upon arriving to the meeting I had scheduled with the parental advisers, I was greeted by a group of enthusiastic kids, equipped with cameras, notebooks, pens, pencils and press passes. Each student eagerly inquired into every aspect of my work-week, and the subtleties of the layout design.

It was incredibly enjoyable seeing how excited they were after our meeting, as they started discussing future issues of their publication.

Also enjoyable, was seeing how involved each of the children’s parents were. Equally as curious as their offspring, the parental advisers also had quite a few questions about day-to-day operations at the Cazenovia Republican.

It was the positive encouragement and unconditional support of my own parents that enabled me to first begin freelancing for this publication and eventually take over as editor, one year ago.

I am equally excited to read the February issue of The East-Wellington Times, and to see what kind of people each of the young journalists will grow into.

I just hope they don’t take my job.

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