Fire Finances: Camillus FD ends 2011 with hefty surplus

Firefighter Tom Brown, a 13-year veteran  of the Camillus Volunteer Fire Department, gears up in the firehouse on Newport Road.

Firefighter Tom Brown, a 13-year veteran of the Camillus Volunteer Fire Department, gears up in the firehouse on Newport Road. Photo by Amanda Seef.

End of the mortgage


The firehouse’s mortgage is now paid off, which helped to reduce the budget for 2012.

— The fire department cut planned spending in 2012 by a bit more than $27,000 — that works out to a 5 percent decrease.

“They may have a little more than they have in other years because they paid off the firehouse,” Butler said.

The Newport Road station was built in 1991, Groesbeck said. This year will be the first without a mortgage payment on the building, but the building’s age is causing other budget problems. The department overspent by more than $21,000 for exterior building maintenance.

In 2011, $13,000 was budgeted for repairs. Groesbeck said the 21-year-old building needed roof and window repairs, and the building was experiencing expansion joint issues. The parking lot had also not been sealed or repaved since the station was built, Groesbeck said. Phase one of the paving project, spanning the rear of the building, was completed in 2011, and the second phase should bring a new, paved driveway to the front of the building with the firetruck bays.

The budgeted $13,000 has swelled to $32,399.24 — that particular line item has been overspent by $19,399.24. Costs increased 95 percent between 2010 and 2011 for exterior building maintenance. Some maintenance work was covered by grants — the board of elections lobbied for grant money to assist the department in rehabbing the cement walkway in the rear of the building. The crumbling sidewalk could have been a hazard on election day; the station is a polling place.

For 2012, the department has budgeted for $23,000 for phase two of the paving project. The third phase, the “U” portion of the driveway, will be completed the next year.

“It was starting to become a liability to the village,” Groesbeck said.

Despite the overall decrease in the budget, and the expected surplus, certain areas of the budget have also been overextended.

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99percentss 3 years, 10 months ago

With no followup story from the Eagle, here is what I have to update the figures I have:

Using the 2012 budget that is for a total of expenditures and revenues of $1,111,293.07 approved by the Village Board on November 3rd?

Go to page 9 to get the 2011 and 2012 adopted budget figures for the CFD operating budgets...

2011 CFD operating budget of $302,919.25 (adopted budget 2011-2012 third column page 9) plus debt service total of $259,142.47 (page 19) (subtract the garbage truck principal and interest of $28,850.00, (page 17) Total Debt service is $230,292.47) plus Service Awards(pg17) of $21,700 for total of $554,911.72 Service Awards needs to be added from line A9025.8, $21,700 ( this is like a retirement benefit paid by Village taxes) The garbage truck needs to be omited from Debit Services.

Sorry but thats the real budget. 2011 FINAL Trial Balance is not gonna change the budget figures.(balance sheet after year closeout) It will only show balances of assets, liabilities and fund balances.

The final 2011 Detail of Expenditures report will show money moves within the budget. This would be the best paperwork to FOIL. With a Detail of Expenditures report, one might be able to infer suspect line items, line items that should not have been in the budget in the first place. ( where the play money is) Part of the way to get more money than what's needed is to add line items that don't get used, or increase line items that don't go up every year, so they have extra money to move later to places where the want to overspend.

$302,919.25 + $230,292.47 + $21,700 = $ 554,911.25 Total 2011 CFD Budget

Using same page numbers, use the figures in the very last column proposed 2012 budget to calculate the 2012 budget.

Total CFD operating budget from page 9 last column $334,682.81, add in debt service from (page 19) of $199,625.98, subtract garbage truck prinicipal and interest (page 17) of $27,887.50 = $171,738.48 ) BUT you need to add in the service awards amount from page 19 also of $16,100.00, which brings the grand total for 2012 to $522,521.29

$334,682.81 + $171,738.48 + $16,100.00 = $522,521.29 Total 2012 CFD Budget. 

2011 --- $554,911.72 Total Budget

2012 -- $522,521.29 Total Budget ( aprrox 6.2% decrease)Decrease of $32,390.43 from losing mortgage from Firehouse and losing qualified members for Service Awards.

However, spending of the CFD will go up: 

$302,919.25 CFD Operating Budget for 2011 

$334,682.81 CFD Operating Budget for 2012 

$31,763.56 INCREASE in spending. (10.5%)


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