Playoff time at last?

College football might finally get long-awaited playoff

Well, that finally did it.

Take nothing away from Alabama. The Crimson Tide’s absolute shutdown of LSU, the limiting of a 13-0, no. 1-ranked team that beat the Rose, Orange and Cotton Bowl champs in the same year to a mere 92 yards of offense was convincing enough. Fine, we get it. ‘Bama is no. 1.

Yet the whole thing felt like a gigantic letdown. Instead of a dramatic resolution and redemption for a college football season gone mad on and off the field, we had a sense that, wait, that’s all? No one else gets a shot?

Perhaps the only good from this latest BCS monstrosity is that, really, the college football powers-that-be are wising up and realizing that, unless some kind of playoff is instituted, the SEC’s reign (of terror, many would say) over the sport will only get worse.

In fact, the tipping point may have arrived long before the Tide and Tigers hit the Superdome turf. Just the fact that two SEC teams, from the same division, were in the final, and the likes of Oklahoma State (an actual conference champion) were left out, was nauseating enough.

Add that to the BCS titles won by Florida, LSU, ‘Bama and Auburn in the five years leading up to this game, and the rest of the country started to take on the air of a junior varsity.

Some of that is due to resources and pure passion. On both fronts, the SEC towers above any other conference and any other region in America, and no playoff system will turn that around. But it might give someone else a chance.

Worst of all for the BCS defenders (whatever few of them are left), ‘Bama’s destruction of LSU also destroyed their entire argument for the system, the idea that the regular season is actually important, that every game counts.

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