LETTERS: Reflections – A Journalistic Travesty

— This uncontrolled power also allows them to make arrogant self-serving statements like “the Board has the authority and responsibility to speak out on issues affecting the Radisson Community as it feels is best” (Dec. 30 Reflections), which is true for routine day-to-day matters and enforcement of covenants. However, a 100,000 square foot YMCA on the corner of Drakes Landing and Route 31 (on zoned residential property in Radisson) can hardly be considered a routine matter, nor should it be considered within the BOD’s scope of authority to openly and publicly support YMCA’s efforts to build there. In fact, their “speaking out in favor of YMCA plans” can better be described as dereliction of duty and breach of trust, especially when it has unquestionable potential to significantly reduce the value of everyone’s home.

In other words, when the executive director and BOD have autocratic control of what gets printed, and more importantly what does not get printed in Reflections from a Radisson community perspective, they essentially have all the power. It is just that simple. Each one of us, whether you support the YMCA’s plans for Drakes Landing or not, should be viewing this with serious concern. After all, someday the “shoe could very well be on the other foot” regarding some other different community-wide controversy. The fact is, you would not be reading this or anything like it had it not been for the unbiased journalistic and editorial integrity of the Baldwinsville Messenger. This in and by itself should raise “red flags” in everyone’s mind regarding both power and abuse of power by Radisson’s Executive Director and BOD.

If Reflections is to be used for anything beyond a social calendar of community events and the dissemination of routine RCA information, it must be fair, unbiased and held to high ethical standards including the willingness to publish opposing points-of-view and opinions. Reflections is a Radisson homeowners’ publication, paid for at least in part by our association fees and, as such, should belong to us at least as much as it appears to belong to the executive director, the BOD and Cindy Dowd Greene. Perhaps it is time for all of us to spend far more of our time and effort vetting and electing our future board of director candidates, rather than allowing a “relative handful” of voting residents to make the choice for us.

James Kocik is a resident of Radisson.

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