B'ville Poetry Corner: Poems about a favorite memory

— Fit in the picture

My grandma picked a pumpkin

For me

That was a very bad choice

She took the camera and said

“one, two…”

And before she could say three


Went my pumpkin

My only thought was

“Did she get that on camera?”


The Star of the Day

Last summer at

One of my first baseball games

The day was as

Hot as a forest fire and it was late

The score tied 9 to 9

And it was my turn to bat

So basically

Whoever scored next wins

There were no players

At base and there were no outs


I got walked to first base

The next batter hit

It straight to center field

I raced to second

Base and the ref yelled safe

Then the next batter was up

And hit it to first base; both of the other players got out

Then the last batter

Came up and smacked it to left field

I sprinted to third, and before I knew it I

Was at home base right before the catcher caught the ball


We won the game but I wouldn’t

Even be able to play the game without my team


My Dad and I

April break in Florida

A trip to Universal Studios

My dad and I

Late one night

Riding on rides

Harry’s Dangerous Adventure

Flight of the Hippogriff

Being at Hogwartz

Just the two of us

Gulping butter-beer

Can’t wait to go again-

My dad and I.


Sunny Day

Every June Troop 119 goes to Larry’s,

A camp out of the city.

They offer merit badges,

I took fishing.

They have two ponds,

One for swimming,

One for fishing.

Sunny Day

I went to the fishing pond to fish.

I caught a sunfish,

She was shiny and gold,

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