Peace is typical in any language

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— “The synergy of American technology and firepower with the cultural/linguistic knowledge and local savvy of Iraqis is powerful,” wrote Cazenovia Village Mayor Kurt Wheeler, in his Marine Historian blog 2006. “How can we understand the sectarian violence in Iraq today if we don’t grasp the historical differences and divisions between Sunni and Shia Muslims? How can we have an intelligent discussion about the wisdom or folly of proposals to divide Iraq if we aren’t aware of the ethnic distinctions between Kurds and Arabs (and Turks and Persians) or the geopolitical interests of Turkey, Iran and Gulf states as they relate to Iraq?”

I admit, I’m guilty of politely beeping and counting cookies, but I’m also prone toward random courteousness. This is not something unique to Cazenovians.

Instead, it should be typical of people everywhere. It’s like giving your neighbor a ride to work when his Jetta won’t start.

Willie Kiernan is a past editor of the Cazenovia Republican and a contributing columnist at Eagle Newspapers. He can be reached through the editor at editor@cazenoviarepublican.com.

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