Peace is typical in any language

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— I was driving down the road this morning, giving someone a lift because his Jetta wouldn’t start and he was late for work, when the car in front of me stopped.

I had just made a turn and did not immediately recognize the reason behind such a random hold up of traffic, causing me to beep my horn, ever so politely.

I then discovered someone was backing out of his driveway, and the motorist before me was just being courteous.

The guy’s path was on an uphill-incline and after spinning his tires several times to gain access to the road, he shifted into drive and went back down the driveway to get more of a running start.

The car before me still did not move which infuriated my passenger into saying those well-worn words, “typical Cazenovia.”

Perhaps because I wasn’t late for work, the aggravated response gave me a chuckle.

I guess my passenger was implying that normal people would continue driving while only Cazenovians would consider courteousness above and beyond.

People have different traits around the world, but also people of the same country, state, town and even family.

I know I can tell one daughter to stop eating the cookies and she’ll just sneak another, while the other daughter will boycott cookies for a week, accusing me of calling her fat.

It’s no wonder we have international misunderstandings.

It seems Israel, Saudi Arabia and some of their allies have accused Iran of pursuing military objectives in its nuclear program.

Iran insists it has every right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It has signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has allowed access to the International Atomic Energy Agency for inspections at its nuclear facilities.

Since NATO’s involvement weeks ago, there has been no evidence of nuclear weapons production and yet some suggest that we continue mounting sanctions and move toward possible military action.

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