Get serious, Occupy

A Skewed View

— The Occupy movement, for good or bad, has etched a place for itself in American history by grabbing our attention with demonstrations, rallies and outspokenness.

Mainstream media covers it with abandon, giving the people a platform to get their points across. If you think about why Occupy has been on the minds of most of us, you’ll understand they are doing it for a good cause, as corporate greed has hit a new level of grossness.

It was met with excitement when a press release was sent out last week announcing that some of the originators of the movement from Occupy Wall Street were coming up to Syracuse from the Big Apple on Feb. 8 for a march. It said there will be a demonstration starting at 2:30 p.m. in Perseverance Park, followed by a bevy of activities.

It’s 2:30. Nothing.

Now it’s 2:45. Nothing.

At 3 I ask one of the Syracuse Occupiers where the Wall Street folks are.

“They’re eating lunch,” he said. “Not sure when they’ll arrive.” He also mentioned the bus arrived in Syracuse the night before, and the occupants were all somewhere in town.

At 3:15, it was apparent those on their trip to Syracuse don’t have a knack for punctuality.

Finally, after freezing for more than an hour, at 3:45, a giant green eyesore of a bus finally pulled into the lot behind the park, prompting the crowd full of reporters and television crew members to let out a faint sigh of relief.

As the riders on the bus exited one-by-one, the stench of moldy feet and unwashed clothing kicked me right in the crotch.

At that moment, it all dawned on me. I saw firsthand why a lot of America doesn’t take the Occupy movement seriously.

First, most of those involved dressed like they were homeless. They stood around, chatting, chain smoking and sharing stories of corporate greed while never once giving an idea as to how to get what they want accomplished. If you want those in power to notice you, I suggest taking a trip to the laundromat before you go out in public.

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