EDITORIAL: 'Anonymous' hack wasted police time

— Someone was upset with how the Bernie Fine case has transpired. They didn’t like the way the allegations against the former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach were handled, dating back to former Syracuse Police Chief Dennis DuVal.

So instead of staging a local protest, demanding answers or working with the police department, they released a list of usernames and passwords associated with syracusepolice.org.

Showcasing nominally embarrassing passwords of public officials did not, in fact, solve the Bernie Fine case. All it did was show that we have a Red Sox and a David (maybe Victoria?) Beckham fan in the Syracuse Police Department.

Passive aggressive acts like this on a smaller scale are annoying. On a larger scale, they’re detrimental to the innocent public who didn’t have a thing to do with the handling of the Bernie Fine case or the case of the Auburn police officer who was convicted of two dozen-plus misconduct-related charges.

State Police are now assisting Syracuse Police in investigating this attack on the website. While the internal servers are secure, we’re sure there was plenty of time spent investigating to make sure nothing else has been breached.

What really grinds our gears is that our police have more local things to be dealing with. The same week that we found out about this Anonymous hack, we also had these press releases in our inbox: a burglary arrest, two shootings, a home invasion and robbery, a car-jacking, a teen found with a sawed-off shotgun in a mall, a stabbing at a strip club and countless other home break-ins, traffic stops, shots-fired calls and other nuisances.

Clearly, they need one more thing to add to their plate.

While we were shocked Anonymous chose Syracuse as one of its first targets, we’re happy that Syracuse Police had a handle on the IT situation. The way their systems worked, the hackers in Anonymous weren’t able to gain entry into any real, private data. Forward thinking (or maybe just luck of the draw) really helped avert a real disaster.

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