Bayberry Uniform & Shoe moves to larger home

Bayberry Uniform & Shoe doubled in size after it relocated Nov. 7 from one end of Bayberry Plaza to the other. It now fills the 12,000 square-foot space that Kinney Drugs formerly occupied, expanding its inventory approximately $100,000.

“We have a much better [in-store] selection now,” said owner Frank Gigliotti, adding the new spot now has room to display everything it carries.

Eighty percent of the business caters to the medical industry, selling items that range from colorful stethoscopes to in-house custom-embroidered clothing. Chef, corporate and industrial wear are also available, from shirts and pants to shoes and sneakers. And when customers can’t find what they’re looking for in the aisles, all they need to do is ask for help.

“We do free special orders,” Gigliotti said. “A lot of times when [people] order off the Internet, they have to pay to return it. We don’t charge [our customers] anything with a special order. They don’t even have to buy the items. They can try them on before they even leave the store. If it’s not what they thought, they don’t have to buy it. We’re willing to take the chance that you want it. If not, we can afford to put it in stock.

“I think that’s what has really made us grow,” he added.

In 2008, the second Bayberry Uniform store, located on South Crouse Avenue in Syracuse, also doubled in size to 1,700 square feet. It remains in its original location. Gigliotti, who purchased both stores in 2004, said he eventually hopes to have a third, fourth and fifth location.

Customers who prefer to shop online can choose from two separate websites. Bayberryscrubs.com offers brand names including Landau, Peaches and White Swan while bayberryuniforms-cherokee.com sells only Cherokee merchandise.

“[Customer service] is what we’re built on,” Gigliotti said. “If we serve [customers] right, they should leave happy with their purchase or with our service. I think we do a great job.”

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