LETTERS: Censorship rears its ugly head

— It begs the question, what took place in that 15-day period between acceptance and denial. Readers, I am confident, can connect the “2-dots.”

Of greater importance and concern, the RCA board took legal action on Jan. 27 to suppress and shut-down the very same “social media websites” referenced in their denial to publish my letter. This legal action, involving trademark infringement, seeks to deny the word “radisson” in the domain name and websites of online community forums like Families for REAL, created by “Radisson” residents on Feb. 16, 2010, and used almost exclusively by “Radisson” residents.

This attempt to intimidate and suppress the free flow of information within the Radisson community is based on a claim of “domain name ownership” that does not exist; it was just applied for on Dec. 23, 2011. Application for a trademark does not necessarily guarantee approval. One can assume, this is a move on the part of the RCA board to move from verbal support to an increasingly active role. After all, the majority of the RCA board has staked their reputations on “pushing through” YMCA’s plans for Drakes Landing.

In roughly 34 years, no prior RCA Board found reason to seek trademark protection, apparently not finding it necessary or worthwhile. If the RCA board’s Dec. 23, 2011, trademark application is not Y-motivated censorship, then what is it and why now?

One can only imagine the egocentricity driving the RCA board to use HOA fees, to pay attorneys for legal action, against the same homeowners who pay those fees. One can only imagine the egocentricity driving their continued abuse of power and censorship against the same homeowners they are morally and ethically expected to equally represent. Censorship is ugly, alive and well in Radisson.

James R. Kocik is a Radisson homeowner.

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