LETTERS: Censorship rears its ugly head

— To the editor: Censorship can be defined as “suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable.” In this case, open and honest public communication, my recent letter to the editor, YMCA – Why Lysander, was found objectionable and suppressed by the RCA board. This is censorship plain and simple. The RCA board continues to block anything and everything, with a hint of negative connotation toward the YMCA or their open support of the Y, from reaching Radisson homeowners.

My letter, both factual and non-inflammatory, provided insight about the YMCA and logical “food for thought” regarding a possible reason for their tenacious drive to build at the Drakes Landing site. Its intent was to reach the mailbox of every homeowner in Radisson, exactly like Cindy Dowd Greene’s YMCA letter, “willingly” published by the RCA board in the Dec. 2, 2011 Reflections.

On Dec. 28, 2011, prior to the Jan. 3 online and subsequent Jan. 4 printing of my letter in the Messenger, I e-mailed Reflections requesting my letter be published. On Jan.11, 14 days later, I received a reply “committing” to publish my letter in the Jan. 27 Reflections. On Jan. 26, 15 days later and one day prior to promised publication, I received an e-mail from RCA’s executive director stating my letter was “discussed by the RCA board” and would not be published in Reflections.

The RCA board stated, “it was posted online as well as printed in the Baldwinsville Messenger, and it has also been shared via various social media websites” and “the BoD believes that it has been sufficiently shared in the public arena.” Without question, already shared in the public arena; however, not remotely finding its way into every Radisson mailbox like Cindy Dowd Greene’s YMCA letter. This intentional and biased suppression of “equal access” to Radisson homeowners can be described only as censorship and abuse of power.

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