Following tie vote, veteran Marcellus town councilor appointed to one-year term

— The Marcellus Town Board last month voted 3-1 to appoint longtime councilor Don Sherman to a one-year term. Supervisor Dan Ross and councilors Thomas Lathrop and Peter Hakes voted yes to the appointment; Councilor Kevin O’Hara voted no.

The vote filled the seat after Sherman and Mary Jo Paul finished tied in November’s general election.

Sherman and Paul are eligible to run for the seat’s remaining three years this November.

Ross was glad to finally get the town board back to numbering five people.

“We had a vacancy we had to fill and we chose to fill it with Mr. Sherman based on his experience with town issues,” Ross said. “I’m glad to have Mr. Sherman back but we would have been able to function quite properly with Ms. Paul.”

Sherman rejoins Ross, Lathrop and Hakes as the board’s Republican representatives; O’Hara is the board’s lone Democrat.

Paul, an Independent, expected Sherman to win the board’s vote.

“It came as no surprise to me. I wouldn’t have expected them to do anything differently,” Paul said. “It shows respect. It shows appreciation for the time [Sherman] has put in. And I was totally one hundred percent prepared for them to make that decision.”

Paul made the decision to give up her spot on the village board to run for the town seat. She said she’s going to continue to focus on earning a spot on the town board.

“I would love to stay on the village board until I got on the town board. That’s kind of what I planned last year, but that didn’t happen,” she said. “First of all it would not be fair to the village residents for me to run again for the village board, only to be here for a few months and run again for the town board.”

Look for Sherman to throw his hat in, though he’s playing it a bit cagey this early in the campaign.

“Let’s just say it’s a possibility, OK?” Sherman said.

Whether she faces Sherman or not, Paul intends to make at least one campaign change.

“This time I will start much earlier,” she said. “I came into [the 2011] race late and I had to scurry and get 133 signatures in one week’s time.”

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