Trustees inch forward on Fennell Street fire station project

— “If we can’t do this thing right there’s no point in doing it,” said Trustee Marc Angellilo, voicing a sentiment that every member of the village board reiterated at least once each during the meeting.

Ramsgard said phase one of the proposed project was “very clear” to him: all renovation work was to be interior to the old fire station building, any exterior work would be only what was “minimally intrusive” such as new doors, windows, roof fixes and any exterior openings for a new HVAC system.

This discussion led to a conversation about if, how and when the project would renovate the streetscape — or “curb appeal” — of the lot.

“We have to do a treatment of the street side,” said Trustee Sue Jones. “I just don’t think we can leave it all like that.” She said the board should do whatever it can afford to do, or at least determine and include in future village budgets to set aside funds to pay for the curbside renovations so village residents are assured that it will be done.

Trustee John Cromp said “more than a few” village residents have told him they were more concerned with the look of the Fennell Street lot frontage than the outside appearance of the fire station for this project. “You’d be surprised at the number of people who have tuned into that,” said Cromp, who has been speaking to numerous residents in recent weeks as he has gone door-to-door seeking signatures to allow him to run for reelection this March.

Cromp said the majority of the residents he spoke to were in favor of the overall project.

Village resident and municipal board member Alan Dolmatch cautioned the board that any changes to the fire station parking lot must be done in coordination with the site’s neighbors and within the bounds of current U.S. Postal service easements on the fire station property. He said some of the neighbors, such as the owners of Tops, have been unwilling in the past to redefine easements and probably would be unwilling again.

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